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Cloud Computing
July 3, 2020

Secure Your Everything in the New Normal
Secure Your Everything in the New Normal

From the cloud to space: AWS launches aerospace and satellite business unit

AWS announced it's establishing a new business unit dedicated to the global aerospace and satellite industry. The new business segment could open up new sources of revenue for the cloud computing giant as organizations in the public and private sectors launch more space-based missions.

The new segment will be led by retired Air Force Major General Clint Crosier, who led the US Defense Department's efforts to create the US Space Force, the newest branch of the US Armed Forces. Along with providing cloud services, Amazon said the new business unit will help organizations build out space system architectures.


Actifio Announces Data Protection Services for Google Cloud’s Bare Metal Solution

Actifio announced that it has launched data protection services for Google Cloud's Bare Metal Solution (BMS). The announcement further strengthens Actifio's partnership with Google Cloud, under which Actifio has previously offered Google Cloud customers backup and DR services for various workloads like virtual machines and enterprise databases. Actifio enhances the BMS experience by offering data protection services to support BMS 


Commvault Announces Microsoft Azure Strategic Partnership

Commvault has announced a multi-year agreement with Microsoft to integrate its Metallic Software-as-a-Service portfolio with Microsoft Azure.

"The goal here is to really give Azure customers as much access to a seamless data protection experience as we can," said Commvault President and CEO, Sanjay Mirchandani.

The initial offering includes support for data in Office 365, including Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams, as well as the existing support for endpoints that Commvault announced back in March that makes use of Azure storage. While initially targeting the USA and Canada, Mirchandani says Commvault intends to bring forward plans to expand the offerings to other locations globally.

SODA Foundation expands cloud data autonomy plans

At the virtual Open Source Summit, The Linux Foundation announced the SODA Foundation, formerly OpenSDS, is adding open-source software and standards to its efforts to support data autonomy. It will do this by hosting an open-source, unified, and autonomous data management framework for data mobility from core to cloud to edge.

The idea of data autonomy is to give you the power to maintain control of your data, no matter where it lives. With data autonomy, your data can be stored and used no matter where it resides: On-premise, public, hybrid, multi-cloud. In addition, it will let you manage it securely with granular data access control. This will enable your company to be data-agile, so you can respond to sudden shifts in the market, new opportunities, and unforeseen threats quickly, without losing data or services.

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Europe Cloud Summit 2020
EuropeClouds Summit 2020


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