A semana em resumo no mundo das nuvens #19 - 28.08.2020

Cloud Computing
August 30, 2020

Couchbase Cloud is now available in AWS

Couchbase Cloud, which is a Database-as-a-service product, has announced that as from now it is available in AWS marketplace. "We are pleased to welcome Couchbase Cloud to AWS Marketplace to help enterprises quickly drive down the cost of operations for their business applications", Said Chris Grusz, Director, AWS MarketPlace, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

GCP acquires StratoZone in order to improve its capability of challenges-solving during cloud migration

As it puts emphasis on solving its customers' challenges and problems when they migrate to GCP Cloud services with GCP RAMP, the company is now acquiring StratoZone.

A number of Bugs were found in Microsoft Azure Sphere IoT Platform

The Security Solution platform was described as somewhat vulnerable after 4 bugs were exposed, according to researchers. The results are occurring a few weeks after there were 6 Bugs that were found on the platform in July.


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