A semana em resumo no mundo das nuvens #20 - 04.09.2020

Cloud Computing
September 4, 2020

AWS announces Bottlerocket – the new Linux in town

Meet Bottlerocket – the new Linux for containers AWS announced in the previous week. Bottlerocket is a Security-oriented Linux which its components are written in Rust and the most of it is built in C. In order to make sure that it is properly secured, Bottlerocket's instances run with SELinux.

Buurst SoftNAS is now available in the marketplace of Azure

SoftNAS customers are capable of taking advantage of Azure cloud benefits, since Buurst announced that SoftNAS is now available in the Azure marketplace, earlier this week. SoftNAS aspires to improve the Data-performance in organizations – a goal that's under the frame of Buurst's vision.

DIU chose GCP as the cloud platform that will help the US military in detecting cancer

Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) as announced earlier this week that it has chosen Google Cloud Platform to help the USA military in detecting cancer faster, with more accuracy and with less costs. This is the second out of two deals that GCP and DIU has announced in the previous months.


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