A semana em resumo no mundo das nuvens #53 - 07.05.2021

EuropeClouds Team
May 11, 2021

AWS has announced the general availability of Amazon DevOps Guru

Amazon DevOps Guru is a fully managed ML-based Amazon service, which helps developers to improve their applications availability by detecting operational issues, and recommending remediation actions accordingly. Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President at Amazon Machine Learning, AWS, has said: “With Amazon DevOps Guru, we have taken that expertise and built specialized machine learning models to detect, troubleshoot, and prevent operational issues long before they impact customers and without dealing with cold starts each time an issue arises."

A new Microsoft Azure's service is now on preview

Microsoft Azure has announced the preview of Azure Web PubSub – a service which allows developers to use WebSockets and a public-subscribe pattern to build real-time web applications, such as live chats. Native WebSocket is supported along with languages such as #C, Java and Python, through WebSocket APIs.

GCP has announced the Public Preview of PHP on Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions is a serverless execution environment, for building and connecting cloud services with operations which were executed in specific-language runtimes, such as Python, Java, Go and now PHP. The new Open Source service is now available on GitHub. Bren Shaffer, Developer Programs Engineer at Google, and Vinot Ramachandran, Product Manager at Google, explained: "The PHP Functions Framework fits comfortably with popular PHP development processes and tools. Include a composer.json file in your deployment, and those packages will be installed and the autoloader will be registered. Include a php.ini file, and your custom configuration will be loaded and extensions enabled."

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