BrazilClouds Recomenda #10 - 27.6.2020

June 28, 2020

Europe Cloud Summit 2020
EuropeClouds Summit 2020

Sponsored by EuropeClouds Summit 2020
Call For Papers are OPEN!

Service Announcements / Updates:

  • Introducing Amazon Honeycode – Build Web & Mobile Apps Without Writing Code

  • New – Streamline media analysis tasks with Amazon Rekognition Video

  • Introducing the Amazon Database Migration Accelerator

  • Amazon Aurora Global Database supports read replica write forwarding

  • Introducing AWS Solutions Constructs

  • Introducing Multi-Region Application Architecture

  • Announcing availability of AWS Outposts in nine additional countries in Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East

  • Manage your AWS Identity and Access Management quotas with AWS Service Quotas

  • Microsoft acquires CyberX to accelerate and secure customers’ IoT deployments

  • Rules Engine for Azure Front Door and Azure CDN is now generally available

  • Introducing Azure Load Balancer insights using Azure Monitor for Networks

  • Azure Virtual Machines DCsv2-series is now available in West Europe

  • Azure Pipelines now supports Linux/ARM64

  • Kia and Google Cloud develop AI-based owner’s manual app

  • Bayer Crop Science seeds the future with 15000-node GKE clusters

  • Announcing Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters on Red Hat OpenShift

  • Announcing the HashiCorp Cloud Platform

  • SAP Aims to Simplify Data Analytics in the Cloud

  • HPE moves closer to everything-as-a-service with Ezmeral and expanded GreenLake cloud services

Trend Reports:

  • The State of Cloud Native Security 2020

  • A Quarter of all Enterprises Will Move to All-cloud Environments within a Year

  • McAfee Cloud Adoption and Risk Report 2020

  • Cloud computing in Europe: Speculations on EU cloud tech in post-pandemic era

  • How the cloud can provide stability in a changing world

  • 12 Biggest Cloud Threats And Vulnerabilities In 2020

  • Trends and Applications of Serverless Computing

  • A New Cloud Price War Unfolds

Security Related:

  • AWS Incident Response Runbooks

  • Accreditation Models for Secure Cloud Adoption

  • 3 Big Amazon S3 Vulnerabilities You May Be Missing

  • Monitor Elevate Access Activity In Azure

  • Privacy and security concerns related to patient data in the cloud

  • Cloud: The Path to Compliance Acceleration, based on Oracle cloud

Cost Management:

  • Optimize Cloud Use While Reducing Costs, using GCP

Best Practices:

  • Simplifying serverless best practices with Lambda Powertools

Backup Related:

  • Managing backups at scale in your AWS Organizations using AWS Backup

Cloud Training:

  • New digital course on edX: Migrating to the AWS Cloud


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