BrazilClouds Recomenda #11 - 07.07.2020

July 5, 2020

Secure Your Everything in the New Normal
Secure Your Everything in the New Normal

Service Announcements / Updates:

  • Amazon Web Services unveils new space business segment

  • AWS announces Porting Assistant for .NET

  • AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon CodeGuru

  • AWS App2Container – A New Containerizing Tool for Java and .NET Applications

  • Amazon RDS Proxy – Now Generally Available

  • AWS IoT Device Tester v3.1.0 for AWS IoT Greengrass is now available

  • Kernel Live Patching for Amazon Linux 2 is now generally available

  • Introducing EC2 Launch v2 to simplify customizing Windows instances

  • IHS Markit Selects AWS as Its Preferred Cloud Infrastructure Provider

  • Azure Firewall Manager is now generally available

  • New Azure Firewall features in Q2 CY2020

  • Advancing Azure service quality with artificial intelligence: AIOps

  • Azure Data Lake Storage archive tier is now generally available

  • Virtual machine scale sets - Automatic image upgrades for custom images now available

  • Google Cloud Platform Updated with More Bare Metal

  • Presto optional component now available on Google Dataproc

  • Google Cloud VMware Engine is now generally available

  • Alibaba Cloud Announces New SLA for OSS, up to 99.995% for Cross-zone Redundancy

  • FinOps Foundation joins The Linux Foundation to nail down best cloud financial practices

  • Apache Advances Multiple Open Source Cloud Efforts

Best Practices:

  • Best practices for handling EC2 Spot Instance interruptions

  • SQL Server - Best Options for Database Migration into Azure

  • Google Cloud’s AI Adoption Framework

  • Validating Kubernetes YAML for best practice and policies

  • Best Practices of Kubernetes Log Collection

Security Related:

  • Securing Amazon S3 Glacier with a customer-managed encryption key

  • 4 Tips for Securing Your Public Cloud for Remote Work

  • Adoption of Cloud-based Security Tools Accelerates as Organizations Support Remote Workforces during COVID-19

  • Can the Cloud be Trusted with Your Business Data?

  • Making the case for cloud-based security

  • Securing the cloud: new data points the way

Trend Reports:

  • The 2020 IDG Cloud Computing Survey

  • Survey Indicates Cloud Migration Projects Delayed by COVID-19

  • Why Cloud Vendors Are Buying Hybrid Cloud Management Tech

  • Gartner Forecasts Strong Revenue Growth for Global Container Management Software and Services Through 2024

  • A New Cloud Price War Unfolds

  • The Current State of Kubernetes Threat Modelling

Cost Management:

  • How to build a chargeback/showback model for Savings Plans using the CUR

  • 11 best practices for operational efficiency and cost reduction with Google Cloud


  • Three Benefits of Adopting a Multi-Cloud Strategy Today

  • 5 Ways the Cloud Can Benefit Your Business During the Pandemic

EuropeClouds Summit 2020- Call For Papers are OPEN!

Europe Cloud Summit 2020
EuropeClouds Summit 2020


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