BrazilClouds Recomenda #1 - 19.4.2020 - 26.4.2020

June 27, 2020

Business news:

  • IBM Reports Falling Revenue and Withdraws Forecast on Virus Woes

Service Announcements:

  • Amazon AppFlow - SaaS integration and data flow service

  • TorchServe, An Open Source Model Server for PyTorch

  • CloudHealth API - allows healthcare organizations to ingest and manage key data from a range of inputs and systems

Technology Review:

  • AWS Architecture Monthly, April 2020 - Automotive

Database Related:

  • Best practices for choosing a database on GCP:

Security Related:

  • AWS Security Hub launches the Foundational Security Best Practices standard

  • Patch management solution for virtual machines based on GCP:

  • 7 Steps to Avoid the Top Cloud Access Risks


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