BrazilClouds Recomenda #8 - 13.6.2020

June 21, 2020

Service Announcements / Updates:

  • AWS Shield Advanced now supports proactive response to events

  • New – Label 3D Point Clouds with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth

  • Cisco's SDN Solution Strengthens AWS Ties

  • AWS Compute Optimizer Now Supports Exporting Recommendations to Amazon S3

  • Amazon Aurora Snapshots can be managed via AWS Backup

  • NTT DATA and Microsoft announce strategic collaboration to enable new digital solutions

  • Azure Firewall forced tunneling and SQL FQDN filtering now generally available

  • New features and insights in Azure Monitor

  • Azure App Service regional virtual network integration for Linux apps is now available

  • Azure App Service hybrid connections for Linux apps is now available

  • Azure DevOps Services now simplifies Azure Artifacts integration with other services

  • A new consolidated API version in Azure Monitor Logs is now available

  • Introducing table-level access controls in Google BigQuery

Trend Reports and Strategy:

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go? A Cloudy Decision

  • The State of IT Modernization 2020

  • How Amazon, Microsoft and Google are courting – and challenging – telcos

  • Microsoft Azure Heads IoT Platform Research Report, Edging AWS

  • The Cloud is Getting SaaS-y

Architecture Related:

  • Resilience: Preparing for Unknown Unknowns, based on AWS

Security Related:

  • Securing Web Applications on Google Cloud Platform

  • 6 Ways to Prevent a Data Breach

  • Cloud Security Providers: What to Look for 'Outside the Box’

  • How to better defend your cloud-based environments against cyberattack

  • How to respond to potential Malware uploaded to Azure Storage Blob

Storage Related:

  • Cloud storage 101: NAS file storage on AWS, Azure and GCP

  • 5 ways to enhance your cloud storage security and data protection, based on GCP

Cost Management:

  • How Drop used the Amazon EMR runtime for Apache Spark to halve costs and get results 5.4 times faster

  • COVID and cost optimization: lessons from leaders

  • Optimizing for long-term cost management in fully managed applications, based on GCP

Best Practices:

  • AWS CodeArtifact and your package management flow – Best Practices for Integration

  • Announcing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Best Practices Framework

  • How to make the most of AWS Lambda

  • Best Practice of DevOps Integration On The Cloud

  • Best Practices For Building Cloud Governance Policies

Certification Related:

  • Show off your AI and machine learning skills with exam AI-900

  • Working with data in the cloud? Prove your skills with exam DP-900

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