ECS Jenkins Plugin to create ephemeral Slaves in Fargate

Joan Porta
Cloud Computing
June 27, 2020

In the following article I will show you how to configure Jenkins ECS plugin to create Slaves in Fargate through a JenkinsFile. We will use a pipeline with Jenkinsfile to have as much configuration there as posible. I choose Fargate to avoid having to manage ECS nodes (but remember that Fargate does not allow to have permanent volumes).

About Jenkins:

I will assume it is in a EC2.

You can install it form ansible-galaxy, Helm,… good to do like this because you can easily install Jenkins plugins in the future without hardcoding it through web interface.

Jenkins will have communication with ECS tasks, for example: be in same VPC and same subnet.

IAM Role: the one defined here

You will need to install in your Jenkins the plugin:

Create a Git token so that Jenkins pipeline can checkout the repo in the Slave.

Mange Jenkins →Nodes administration →Configure clouds:

Jenkins Pipeline:

Jenkinsfile that we will use in the pipeline:

pipeline {
agent none
   stages {
       stage('Test') {
           agent {
               ecs {
                  cloud 'jenkins-slave-ecs'
                  image ''
                  launchType 'FARGATE'
                  memory 1024
                  cpu 256
                  taskrole 'arn:aws:iam::XXXXXXXXX:role/ecsTaskExecutionRole'
                  executionRole 'arn:aws:iam::XXXXXXXXX:role/ecsTaskExecutionRole'
                  assignPublicIp true
           steps {
               sh 'ansible -h'

IAM ecsTaskExecutionRole will have in addition, permissions to read from ECR.

About the Dockerfile , you can integrate the JNLP (Jenkins slave software) into your own image, I have done with Python like this:

ROM jenkins/jnlp-slave:alpine as jnlp
FROM python:alpine
RUN apk -U add openjdk8-jre
COPY — from=jnlp /usr/local/bin/jenkins-agent /usr/local/bin/jenkins-agent
COPY — from=jnlp /usr/share/jenkins/agent.jar /usr/share/jenkins/agent.jar
ENTRYPOINT [“/usr/local/bin/jenkins-agent”]

You will also need to have a ECS Cluster, Fargate type, with name “jenkins-slave-ecs”, same than in Jenkinsfile.

More info about JNLP:

Additional info about ECS plugin parameters for the Jenkinsfile:

Schemmas of the architecture:

Joan Porta

DevOps/Cloud engineer: AWS, Terraform/Cloudformation, Docker/Kubernetes/ECS, Ansible/Puppet, Jenkins/CodePipeline, DataDog/New Relic/Grafana, Python/Bash.

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