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Cloud Computing
June 27, 2020

Alibaba Cloud to tackle Microsoft Azure and AWS with a $28 billion investment

Alibaba Cloud is the leading cloud computing provider in China with 46.4% market share. Tencent Cloud and Baidu Cloudare its main rivals. In other countries around the world, AWS and Microsoft Azure dominate the cloud market. Today, Alibaba Cloud announced that it will invest $28 billion in cloud technologies over the next years. With the huge capital investment in the coming years, Alibaba will be looking to better compete with AWS and Microsoft Azure in regions outside of China.


Oracle Achieves FedRAMP High Authorization

To support growing customer demand, Oracle today announced that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure-Government Cloud has achieved FedRAMP High Authorization.With the highest level of FedRAMP Authorization and DISA Impact Level 5 provisional (IL5 PATO) authorizations, Oracle Cloud can provide government customers with the stringent standards of security necessary to protect the federal government’s data.


AWS and Facebook launch an open-source model server for PyTorch

AWS and Facebook today announced two new open-source projects around PyTorch, the popular open-source machine learning framework. The first of these is TorchServe, a model-serving framework for PyTorch that will make it easier for developers to put their models into production. The other is TorchElastic, a library that makes it easier for developers to build fault-tolerant training jobs on Kubernetes clusters.


Cisco announces SD-WAN Cloud Hub with Google Cloud

Cisco and Google Cloud are announcing their intent to develop the industry’s first application-centric multi-cloud networking fabric. This automated solution will ensure that applications and enterprise networks will be able to share service-level agreement settings, security policy, and compliance data, to provide predictable application performance and consistent user experience.

The platform will enable businesses to optimize application stacks by distributing application components to their best locations. The network fabric needs to be able to discover the apps, identify their attributes, and adapt for optimal user experience.


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