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Cloud Computing
June 27, 2020

IBM Uses Kubernetes to Extend Cloud to On-Premises

IBM made available a technology preview of an instance of the IBM Cloud platform that makes use of Kubernetes to allow it to be deployed in an on-premises IT environment.

Most of the cloud services IBM already provides are based on Kubernetes. IBM is leveraging that software stack to create IBM Cloud Satellite, which will enable IBM to extend the reach of its cloud services into on-premises IT environments to create a hybrid cloud.

Rather than trying to manage multiple clouds based on completely different stacks of software, IBM, in alliance with its Red Hat business unit, is making a case of a common set of software infrastructure that can be deployed on-premises or any public cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 

AWS launches the $995 Elemental Link for streaming video to its cloud

AWS today announced the launch of the Elemental Link, a small hardware device that makes it easy to connect a live video source to the AWS Elemental Media Live service for broadcast-grade live video processing in the cloud. The $995 Link, which weighs in at less than a pound, is meant to allow Media Live users to connect a camera or video production setup to the AWS cloud.

The fanless Link has an Ethernet port and inputs for either an HD-SDI or HDMI cable. Classrooms, local sporting events, enterprise events, and small performance spaces do not have the budget or the specialized expertise needed to install, configure, and run the hardware and software needed to reliably deliver video to the cloud for processing, storage, and on-demand delivery or live streaming.

Microsoft offers $200K in Azure Sphere hacking challenge

Microsoft has revealed a new security research challenge for its Azure Sphere platform, offering key bounties totalling US$200,000.

On offer are two key bounties, referred to as scenarios, worth US$100,000 each for hackers that can execute code on the solution's Pluton security subsystem and its Secure World operating environment.

“While Azure Sphere implements security upfront and by default, Microsoft recognises security is not a one-and-done event,” a blog post published by the Microsoft Security Response Centre noted. “Risks need to be mitigated consistently over the lifetime of a constantly growing array of devices and services.”

Google Cloud and Splunk Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Customers Gain Deeper Insights from Data

Google Cloud and Splunk Inc., provider of the Data-to-Everything platform, announced a new strategic partnership to help organizations drive actionable insights from their data and enable better, faster decisions with real-time visibility across the enterprise. Splunk Cloud will soon be available on Google Cloud to help customers unlock the value of their data and provide increased flexibility for harnessing the power of the Splunk Data-to-Everything Platform.

In addition, the two companies intend to tightly integrate Splunk Cloud across Google Cloud, including plans to roll out new native integrations with Anthos, Google Cloud Security Command Center, and Google Cloud’s operations suite. This will enable new and existing customers to share critical data between applications and draw insights from holistic sets of data extracted from their hybrid, multi-cloud environments

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The Silver Lining podcast was created for software and security architects, by software and security architects


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