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Cloud Computing
June 27, 2020

Red Hat, AWS Announce Amazon Red Hat OpenShift

Amazon Web Services and Red Hat are expanding their working relationship with the release of Amazon Red Hat OpenShift.

The new jointly-managed and supported enterprise Kubernetes service on AWS — set to launch later this year — will provide a self-service experience for cluster creation and operations, deeper integrations with AWS services, on-demand billing, a single invoice through AWS and the ability to contact AWS for support.

Red Hat said the service will enable IT organizations to more quickly build and deploy applications in AWS on Red Hat’s enterprise Kubernetes platform with the same tools and APIs.

Microsoft teamed up with OpenAI to build a massive AI supercomputer in Azure

Microsoft  today announced that it has teamed up with OpenAI, the startup trying to build a general artificial intelligence, with — among other things — a $1 billion investment from Microsoft, to create one of the world’s fastest supercomputers on top of Azure’s infrastructure. Microsoft says that the 285,000-core machine would have ranked in the top five of the TOP500 supercomputer rankings.

Because Microsoft doesn’t actually tell us much more than that, except for a few more specs that say it had 10,000 GPUs and 400 gigabits per second of network connectivity per server, we’ll just have to take Microsoft’s and OpenAI’s  word for this.

OpenAI has made a name for itself by training very large models. That’s obviously the purpose of a project like this, too.

Dell Technologies Cloud Gets ‘New Breadth’ With Google Cloud

Dell Technologies, the $91 billion infrastructure giant, is taking its cloud architecture to the next level by teaming with Google to create the new Dell Technologies Cloud OneFS for Google Cloud to help customers simplify management of private and public cloud storage.

Dell Technologies Cloud OneFS for Google Cloud combines the scalability and performance of Dell EMC Isilon, the company’s scale-out network-attached storage platform, with Google Cloud’s analytics and compute services through a native cloud experience that uses the same core software.

Gouin said the integration of Dell Technologies Cloud with Google Cloud simplifies management of public and private cloud storage while also giving channel partners more opportunities in instances where a customer has already chosen Google Cloud as well as the ability to sell larger solutions.

Huawei Pours $200M Into Cloud Computing

Huawei is investing $200 million in its cloud and general-purpose computing ecosystem this year to develop more opportunities for enterprises and developers, the company announced today at its annual analyst summit.

The company, which is struggling during the global pandemic and yesterday described its primary focus as one of “survival” and “fixing the holes,” continues to pour resources into fields that could fuel future growth.

Huawei’s ongoing investment in cloud computing will foster new tools and resources for 2 million developers around the world, according to the company. Huawei Cloud already has more than 10,000 consulting partners and more than 3,500 technology partners, it added.

Huawei Cloud today has at least 210 cloud-based services in 23 categories and more than 190 industry-specific solutions available. 

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