Esta semana no mundo StartUp #2 - 03.05.2020

June 27, 2020

German startup Checkly raises €2.08M funding in the DevOps space

In today’s scenario, developers are mostly responsible for their app’s development, reliability, quality assurance, and testing to production! Also, they are increasingly interested in “active monitoring”, meaning getting better visibility into their applications before any problems appear in the production.

In a latest development, Checkly, a Berlin-based company that is developing active monitoring and testing platform for modern DevOps teams have raised $2.25 million (approx €2.08 million).

Checkly’s vision is to unite end-to-end testing and active monitoring in order to be the number one active reliability platform for modern DevOps teams. It’s laser-focused on end-to-end reliability and will serve cross-functional DevOps teams and support a modern technical stack based on JavaScript and Open Source.

Israeli Firms Raise Record $2.74B First Quarter of 2020 Despite CVID-19 Crisis

Israeli companies and startups managed to raise a record $2.74 billion in 139 deals during the first quarter of 2020 despite the coronavirus crisis which has jolted the world’s economy.

The impact of the pandemic was felt towards the closing of the quarter in the months of February and March, and will more than likely mean a second quarter that is “significantly lower than what we have become accustomed to in the past few years,” according to a joint IVC and ZAG S&W statement.

Early-stage companies were the first to suffer from the COVID-19 crisis. Seed financing rounds showed a “drastic decrease” to 24 deals, compared with the quarterly averages of 32 seed rounds in the years since 2013.

“Indeed, when it rains, everyone gets wet – even the best. It is clear by now that the high-tech industry, along with others, will not manage to avoid the effects of the coronavirus,” said Shmulik Zysman, founding partner of ZAG-S&W.


 Startup at iHLS Accelerator: Revolutionary Simulation Facility for Emergency Response

Following extensive research and hands-on experience, as well as numerous meetings with experts from search and rescue units in the US and in Israel, Atlas has developed the innovative model of the active simulator which produces the challenging experience of search and rescue.

This mobile training facility is transported by truck to the trainees anywhere in any area. The simulator is transportable by truck, requiring only parking space.

Alongside professional first responding teams, rescue units, dedicated rescue units of infrastructure industries and local authorities, an important sector is school students. 

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