EuropeClouds Summit 2021 -Serverless computing with Google Cloud, Wesley Chun, Google Cloud

April 19, 2022

EuropeClouds Summit 2021

Serverless computing with Google Cloud

App modernization is all about taking on-prem apps, getting them containerized, running on VMs, perhaps orchestrating with Kubernetes, and eventually into the cloud. Once you're far enough down this path, you'll come across "serverless."
What exactly *is* serverless? It's one of the fastest growing segments in cloud, allowing developers to focus on what they're building instead of what it runs on. In this session, we'll review cloud computing service levels then look specifically at serverless *compute* platforms.
Whether it's web apps, functions / microservices, mobile backends, containers, or a customized business automation & extension platform, Google Cloud has a tool for your needs. Attendees will see how to deploy & run code to each.
Code samples will be in Python & JavaScript, but many other languages are supported.
Whether you're a developer, technical consultant, software engineer, DevOps/IT staff, or a systems analyst, you'll know how to host & run code on Google Cloud and become part of the next-generation cloud-ready workforce.
Wesley Chun


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