Mundo StartUp #20 Resumo Semanal - 06.09.2020

September 6, 2020

The startup that will detect gunshot sound and will call for help, without any need to press an emergency button

Meet Gabriel – a startup founded by a Former-Rabbi that was born in the US, and moved to Israel after staying at the UK. The startup aspires to save the lives of those who will be in dangerous situations such as school shoot-ups. 

Meet Olive Diagnostics, the startup that will literally get inside your toilet – to watch after your health

Olive Diagnostics is an Israeli-based Healthcare startup, which aspires to diagnose the health-status of people by examining their urine-steam. Olive Diagnostics will use instant molecular detection in order to indicate health problems and maybe even to predict the future-ones in the present.  

The startup which wants to create food out of plants, and raised $7.5M for it

Climax Foods, a new Google startup, aspires to create food using plants. CF just raised $7.5M (Seed), and they will invest the capital in the research of flavor and nutrition of foods, starting with cheese.

Traduzido por Moshiko Frenkel


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