Resumo da Semana- Startup World #52 - 05.02.2021

EuropeClouds Team
May 11, 2021

Makes Oxygen out of space soil: meet Helios

Helios is an Israeli startup which aspires to create Oxygen (which lacks in space) from space soil (specifically – from lunar and Martian soil). The company has already received the funding and support of the Israeli Space Agency and the Ministry of Energy, aims on developing a system which will be launched in two space missions during the next 3 years. Helios' company offices are now in Israel and Florida. The company's advisory board consists of space experts such as William Larson, NASA's former n-Situ Resource Utilization Project Manager.

The food delivery startup which is moving towards an IPO

The 12-year-old startup Zomato has filed for an IPO, aims on raising $1.1B as a result from it. The company claimed a market leading position in the Indian food delivery market, and received revenues of $183.6M between April and December of 2020. So far, it raised over $2.2B, according to the research firm Tracxn. In its last raising rounds, Zomato was valued at $5.4B.

BioMilk goes public

The three-year-old BioMilk, which produces real cow and human breast milk, straight out of cells – plans on releasing its first samples during the next two years. When starts to be traded at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), it becomes the first public company which produces cell-based milk. The move is part of a merger with Fantasy Network.

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