Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #129

Cloud Computing
November 7, 2022

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Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #129 - 21.10.22 - 28.10.22


AWS Launches Amazon Neptune Serverless

Amazon Web Services has launched a serverless option for its Neptune graph database service used for building and running applications with highly connected datasets.

Microsoft Introduces Azure Savings Plans for Compute

Microsoft recently announced Azure Savings Plans for Compute, providing customers with an easy and flexible way to save significantly on compute services compared to pay-as-you-go prices by committing to spend a fixed hourly amount for one or three years.

Google Cloud gets into web3 act with managed blockchain node service

Google Cloud announced today that it’s launching Blockchain Node Engine, which it’s billing as “a fully managed node-hosting for web3 development.” Earlier this year, the company announced that it was launching a new team dedicated to digital assets, and this tool is part of what has come out of that team’s work.


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