Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #136

Cloud Computing
January 18, 2023

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Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #136 - 09.12.22 - 16.12.22


Improved Supply Chain Visibility and Actionable Insights with AWS Supply Chain

AWS re:Invent had numerous announcements, including new additions to Amazon EC2. Cloud teams can look forward to new Amazon EC2 instances, such as general purpose, compute optimized and memory optimized options. Also, there are some Intel-powered instances in preview and soon-to-be-released to keep an eye out for.

Microsoft Releases New Customization Features for Sign-In Experiences in Azure AD

Microsoft has released a new update to improve the Azure Active Directory-based user sign-in experience for enterprise customers. The latest release brings customization features that enable organizations to create a custom look and feel for Azure AD and Microsoft 365 applications.

Google launches scanner to spot open-source vulnerabilities

Google has launched a free tool to help open-source developers find security flaws within their projects. The Open Source Vulnerability (OSV) Scanner lets users match their code and dependencies to a list of known vulnerabilities. The automated scanner then tells the developer if any patches or updates are needed.


MarkeTech é uma companhia de mídia que acredita em conteúdo, conteúdo real que dá valor aos seus membros. 

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