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Cloud Computing
February 21, 2021

Configuration Change? A bug in Microsoft Products & Features

In Monday of this week, there were voices telling they were having trouble with connecting to Microsoft Office 365, Teams, Outlook and more. Microsoft Azure AD (Active Directory) suffered an outage for the making of a Configuration change, which probably caused the technical problems. Microsoft has rolled back that change and things worked appropriately afterwards. 

A $1.5B Partnership – GCP & DoiT are stepping it up

DoiT, an international cloud-consulting company, signed an agreement with GCP by which it will invest $1.5B in selling Google Cloud Platform services & infrastructures. That happens one year only after inking a deal by which DoiT will invest $150M in selling GCP services, for two years. According to the companies, both of them grew much more than they thought they would, therefore they have decided to sign on a new agreement, symbolizing the expanding of their partnership. 

Into sports? You should thank AWS

ARL (Animation Research Limited), one of the biggest production houses in Australia in the field of 3D computer graphics productions, has announced its partnership with AWS. According to the announcement, Virtual Eye, the sports division of ARL, will use AWS to increase the quality of its remote sport recordings.


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