Week at a glance - Cloud Computing #32 - 27.11.2020

Cloud Computing
November 27, 2020

ACI’s Fraud Management Solution is now available at Microsoft Azure

ACI’s solution can now be deployed directly from Azure’s Marketplace. The solution includes advanced ML tools, predictive analytics and other accessories which will help banks and intermediaries to identify and to handle financial frauds. Businesses and enterprises are now capable of using the service to create their own ML-based models in a remarkably short time - a few minutes only. 

Google aspires to connect Israel and Saudi Arabia

Google is planning to connect the Arab state and Israel with a fiber-optic network which will be put through the states, for the first time in history. This move will open a new corridor for the global internet traffic, and is part of a wider program led by google, which aspires to connect between Europe and India throughout the Middle East. As for the political context, we’ll mention that there are no official announcements about changes in the relationships between the states yet.

An AWS hours long outage took a big portion of the internet down

Last Wednesday, the Silicon Valley giant AWS experienced an outage for hours - and many apps and websites which are laying on it fell down. Most of the services got back to normal on Thursday, according to AWS. In the update, they wrote:

“We continue to work towards full recovery for IoT SiteWise and details of the service status is below. All other services are operating normally”.


MarkeTech é uma companhia de mídia que acredita em conteúdo, conteúdo real que dá valor aos seus membros. 

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