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Cloud Computing
February 21, 2021

AWS is leading a $36M investing round in a Kubernetes startup

The Kubernetes cloud management startup Weaveworks has raised more than $36M in a series C round, which was led by the Silicon-Valley giant AWS, and including Ericsson and Google Ventures, in addition. The trust of the giants, according to CEO Alexis Richardson, validates that Weaveworks is the primary platform for cloud-native applications in the market today.

GCP has announced the availability of hundreds of new applications for companies in wide industries

Following the acceleration of digital transformation via companies from varied industries as a result of Covid-19, GCP has announced partnership with new apps, a move which will enable these companies to deploy meaningful core components such as AI, ML, Anthos and more.

Microsoft Azure launches a new governance data service

The new governance data service of Azure, called Azure Purview, is now available at public review and enables automation for data discovery and categorization, compliance risk reduction and details mapping regardless to where they reside. The service provides an end-to-end solution for observing the data of Azure’s customers.

Kubernetes is about to deprecate Docker container runtime

Kubernetes team has announced that Kubernetes is about to deprecate the runtime of the Docker container, after launching Kubernetes 1.20 version, which means - when launching Kubernetes 1.22 version. Kubernetes will probably use Container Runtime Interface instead of Docker, although Docker images will continue to work properly and the move won’t harm their use.


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