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Cloud Computing
February 21, 2021

AWS has launched a new mapping service for developers

AWS has previously launched Amazon Location - a new service for software developers who aspire to add location-based features to web-based apps. The service will use the data of Esri and HERE Technologies. According to Jeff Barr, Vice President & Chief Evangelist at AWS, AWS aspires to promote the cost-effective of location-based features adding for companies.

Tufin SecureCloud is now supporting GCP

Tufin has announced the support of Tufin SecureCloud in GCP - which will enable Tufin customers to operate secured apps in three of the main cloud providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and now GCP). Specifically, This move will allow the company customers to define compliance and to monitor it with security guardrails, and to enjoy new features, such as improved reporting capabilities to create security reports. 

Red Hat has announced a common Kubernetes foundation for Windows & Linux container workloads

Extending Red Hat OpenShift, the market-leading Kubernetes platform, Red Hat has announced the ability to now run and manage Windows containers on it, side-by-side with Linux containers. The innovative move will remarkably improve Red Hat’s customers’ experience who will enjoy a single and full Kubernetes service for the needs of their IT teams.


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