A semana em resumo no mundo das nuvens #38 - 08.01.2021

Cloud Computing
February 21, 2021

Microsoft will improve the uptime of Azure AD to 99.99%

Microsoft has announced that it will improve the service level agreement of user authentication of Azure Active Directory, from 99.9% (as it is currently) to 99.99%, starting on April 1st, 2021. To increase the reliability of the service, Microsoft has isolated the impact of technical issues to a minimum of users. 

A Chinese court has decided: AWS’s logo does not belong to Amazon

In a recent judgment, a Chinese court has decided that AWS’s logo does not belong to the giant but to a local company called ActionSoft Science & Technology Development Co. The meaning of this is that Amazon should pay $12M to ActionSoft, and more importantly: that it is forbidden for Amazon to use the logo in China.

Google releases Monitoring Query Language for Cloud Monitoring

Google has announced the General Availability of Monitoring Query Language (MQL) for Cloud Monitoring. The move will provide developers and operators with strong metric queries and with analysis, chart and alerting capabilities. Richard Seroter, director of outbound product management at Google Cloud, said: “So much of what we learn running 9 services with 1B users makes its way into GCP for you to take advantage of”.


MarkeTech é uma companhia de mídia que acredita em conteúdo, conteúdo real que dá valor aos seus membros. 

Nós criamos podcasts, vlogs e artigos baseados em nossas comunidades globais. 

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