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Cloud Computing
February 21, 2021

AWS announces the expansion of AWS CCI Solutions

AWS has announced that AWS Contract Centre Intelligence (AWS CCI) solutions are now available globally. The service is powered by AWS AI services, and enables users to leverage ML capabilities with their current contract center provider to enjoy better efficiency and to deliver tailored customer experiences, without any ML expertise required. 

Teradata Vantage is now available at Microsoft Azure

Teradata, a cloud data analytics platform, has announced that Microsoft Azure Marketplace will be an additional channel for purchasing Teradata Vantage, which will enable Azure customers to reduce 100% of the teradata now invested against their Azure commitment. Brian Wood, director and cloud Advocate at Teradata, said: "For companies that prefer the worldwide footprint, scalability, reliability and agility of Microsoft Azure, we now offer a one-stop shopping experience for Vantage via a pre-approved and preferred purchasing channel".

Oracle Cloud launches a new low-code service

For the first time, APEX low-code apps development platform is now available as an independent Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service, which will enable developers to build sophisticated data-driven enterprise apps, X38 faster than it was with the traditional coding.


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