A semana em resumo no mundo das nuvens #41 - 29.01.2021

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Cloud Computing
February 21, 2021

GCP has launched a new security service

GCP has previously launched General Availability of BeyondCorp, a new security service for enterprise companies. The service is based on the principle of designing networks with zero-trust, only a week after Microsoft has encouraged its customers to adopt a zero trust mentality and to stop believing that everything which is inside the IT network is safe. As a reminder, GCP encourages its customers to use Google Identity-Aware Proxy to manage the organizations’ access to GCP apps. 

AWS has revealed new courses for partners 

AWS has launched new courses in the fields of advanced migration, Security Governance and ML. Among the courses you can find AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Advanced Migrating to AWS (Technical), an advanced course which will teach how to manage cloud migration at scale, and AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Security Governance at Scale (Business), which is designated for sales & businesses people. 

A new docker bug revealed on Microsoft Azure Functions

A new vulnerability of Microsoft Azure Functions - a serverless solution which allows users to run event-triggered code, without need to provide or to manage Infrastructure explicitly, and to do it in scale -  has been revealed previously. Mixing Docker in it will allow developers to deploy and run Azure Functions on either cloud environments or on-premises. Nevertheless, the bug that was found is a Docker container escape bug, which may be used for attacks. 

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