A semana em resumo no mundo das nuvens #43 - 12.02.2021

EuropeClouds Team
February 21, 2021

AWS will provide customized services for Space operations

AWS already provides Infrastructure for customers who process and analyze data from satellites, and aspires now to attract new ones with new customized services, including cloud-based satellite operations and mission control. The new move will allow organizations to “operate a satellite from a laptop”, according to Clinton Crosier, Director of aerospace and satellite solutions at AWS.

Azure Stack HCI solution is now generally available 

Microsoft Azure is taking one more step in order to empower organizations with advanced hybrid cloud capabilities. The company has announced the general availability of Azure Stack HCI, which will provide Indian firms with the solution. According to Microsoft Azure, the move will allow customers to build and run cloud-native applications with smooth access to on-premised cloud services.

GCP Launches Apigee X

Google Cloud has recently launched Apigee X, the next generation of the API management platform it acquired last year. According to Amit Zavery, Google Cloud’s Head of Platform, the number of API calls has increased by more than 47% since last year, and the platform is now handling 2.2 trillion API calls annually.

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