Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #54

Cloud Computing
May 14, 2021

AWS has announced GA of CloudFront Functions

AWS has recently announced the General Availability of CloudFront Functions, which gives new edge computing capabilities. AWS customers will be able to use Amazon CloudFront to deliver content at high speed and in a developers-friendly environment, and to run JavaScript functions across edge locations of the Cloud Front all around the globe.

GCP helps the soccer manager of England to choose his team

The Football Association and GCP has developed together a software which helps to measure the performance of soccer players. Gareth Southgate, the England's soccer manager, is using this software to collect players for his team. The platform contains thousands of video-clips consist of diverse aspects of football: from passes, through fouls and to shots on target.

A security vulnerability was found in Azure

Researchers from Intezer has revealed details about the vulnerability that was founded in Microsoft Azure virtual machine extension, which may allow users without the adequate permissions to leak private data from any virtual machine extension which is connected to the victim's cloud environment. According to the researchers, the attacker will first need to own an account with low-level permissions, which is connected to the victim's cloud environment. Then, he will need to connect to an additional vulnerability.


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