Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #63

Cloud Computing
July 21, 2021

Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #63

Aspiring AWS cloud architects have a new free learning option on Twitch

AWS launches a new Twitch series Monday - the AWS Power Hour: Architecting. The six-week series is free and includes quizzes and exercises to help participants pursue a certification. This Twitch series is part of AWS' plan to provide free skills training to 29 million learners globally by 2025. Deborah Strickland described the new Twitch offering on the AWS blog.

IBM finalises hybrid cloud consulting company takeover

IBM has confirmed its plans to acquire BoxBoat Technologies, a premier DevOps consultancy and enterprise Kubernetes certified service provider. BoxBoat will extend IBM’s container strategy and implementation services portfolio to further advance IBM’s hybrid cloud strategy and accelerate Red Hat OpenShift adoption globally.

Microsoft launches Windows 365 virtual desktop service

Microsoft unveiled 'Windows 365 Cloud PC' - a new service that puts Windows in the cloud and enables people and businesses to access their PC from anywhere.According to Microsoft, Cloud PC is specifically designed to fulfil growing demands of hybrid work environments that enable employees to divide their time between the office and home.


Google Cloud launches second ‘Cloud Region’ in India

Google Cloud announced the launch of its new Cloud Region in Delhi NCR, for customers and the public sector in India and across Asia Pacific. With the new region, the customers operating in the country will benefit from lower latency and higher performance of their cloud-based workloads and data.


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