Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #85

Cloud Computing
December 21, 2021

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 Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #85- 10.12.21 - 17.12.21


Amazon plans to improve its response to outages after AWS blackout

said in a posting on its website, an automated process caused the interruption that turned last week, parts of its own services, as well as third-party sites and online platforms that use the AWS. “An automated activity to scale the capacity of one of the AWS services hosted on the AWS core network has triggered unexpected behavior from a large number of clients within the internal network.” 

Azure Space Introduces Azure Orbital in Preview and New Geospatial Capabilities

Microsoft recently announced new satellite connectivity and geospatial capabilities for Azure Space. The cloud provider introduced the preview of Azure Orbital, a ground station as-a-service that provides communication and control of satellites, and added geospatial and data analytics partnerships with Esri, Blackshark.ai, and Orbital Insight.

 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Announces New DevOps Service

Oracle has announced the general availability of Continuous Integration (CI) features of the DevOps service of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This release builds on existing Continuous Deployment (CD) capabilities to provide a complete end-to-end CI/CD platform in OCI business regions


MarkeTech é uma companhia de mídia que acredita em conteúdo, conteúdo real que dá valor aos seus membros. 

Nós criamos podcasts, vlogs e artigos baseados em nossas comunidades globais. 

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