BrazilClouds Recomenda #18 - 31.08.2020

August 31, 2020

News updates (From 30.8.2020 to 5.9.2020)

Service Announcements / Updates:

  • AWS Controllers for Kubernetes Will Be A ‘Boon For Developers’

  • AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon EBS io2 Volume

  • New AWS Solutions Consulting Offer - ThreatAlert ATO Acceleration

  • Empowering remote learning with Azure Cognitive Services

  • Microsoft and VMware Team Up to Offer the Next Evolution of the Azure VMware Solution

  • Microsoft and TSMC announce Joint Innovation Lab to accelerate silicon design on Azure

  • Microsoft and Corrata integrate to extend cloud app security to mobile endpoints

  • Azure Certified for Plug and Play is now available

  • Immersive Reader is now generally available

  • Azure Monitor Logs – Log Analytics REST APIs general availability

  • Advancing telehealth with Amwell

  • Google Cloud Anthos update brings support for on-prem, bare metal

  • Anthos rising—now easier to use, for more workloads

  • MySQL 8 is ready for the enterprise with Cloud SQL

  • HashiCorp Terraform Cloud ServiceNow App Generally Available

  • Kubernetes 1.19 Arrives, a Tad Later Than Usual

Trend Reports:

  • Amazon Dominates Google, Microsoft in Developer Usage

  • Wasabi Tripling As It Siphons Customers From AWS, Azure In $233 Billion Cloud Market

  • The Road to Hybrid Multicloud

  • The Bi-Directional Cloud Highway: Critical Insights into Today’s Cloud Infrastructures

  • Dao Research Examines How Oracle is Addressing the Cloud Security Readiness Gap

  • Pandemic consequences - the big get bigger, the IT cloud dependency gets greater

  • More clouds, more problems

  • Freedom of cloud choice: The myths and truths about multi-cloud

Customer Stories:

  • Inmagine Group Migrates to AWS to Support Growth and Enhance Operational Efficiency

  • How NetSuite moved to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to keep up with its 30% growth rate

Security Related:

  • How to think about cloud security governance, based on AWS

  • Cloud Security Alliance’s CASB Survey Finds Nearly 70% House Their Most Sensitive Data in Microsoft SharePoint Online/OneDrive

  • 3 Ways to Overcome Challenges in Vendor Risk Management

  • Shared Responsibility Model Explained

  • Google Compute Engine explained: How to orchestrate your patch deployment

  • 6 ways that G Suite helps IT admins safely use BYOD

Cloud Migration:

  • Support to assess physical, AWS, GCP servers now generally available

  • Database Assessments within Azure Migrate

Training and Certification:

  • Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer Certification Now in Beta


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