BrazilClouds Recomenda #28 - 09.11.2020

November 12, 2020

News updates (From 1.11.2020 to 7.11.2020)

Service Announcements / Updates:

  • New – GPU-Equipped EC2 P4 Instances for Machine Learning & HPC

  • AWS signs three-year cloud deal with the UK government

  • Announcing Outposts and local gateway sharing for multi-account access

  • Introducing Middleware Stack in Modular AWS SDK for JavaScript

  • Introducing CloudWatch Lambda Insights

  • Amazon MQ Update – New RabbitMQ Message Broker Service

  • EFA Now Supports NVIDIA GPUDirect RDMA

  • Announcing AWS PrivateLink support for Amazon Braket

  • Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, EC2 Fleet, and Spot Fleet announce Capacity Rebalancing for EC2 Spot Instances

  • AWS Launch Wizard now supports single-instance deployments of SQL Server on Windows and Linux

  • AWS Client VPN announces self service portal to download VPN profiles and desktop applications

  • Ansys Collaborates with Microsoft to Enhance Cloud Engineering Productivity for Customers

  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 recursive access control list (ACL) update is generally available

  • Azure Monitor Application Insights Java 3.0 is now generally available

  • Onix expands agreement with Google Cloud to grow customer adoption of its products and solutions

  • Cache me if you can with latest Cloud CDN features

  • Google Cloud and Managecore: Partnering to accelerate SAP cloud migrations

  • Cloud SQL now supports PostgreSQL 13

  • Now available: Oracle Cloud Advisor

  • 1.5 PetaFLOPS with the next generation of hybrid cloud HPC clusters

  • IBM Advances DevSecOps in Cloud Service Based on Kubernetes

  • Introducing OpenShift Service Mesh 2.0

Trend Reports and Opinions:

  • Is There an Overreliance on AWS?

  • Cloud deployments to rocket ahead in 2021 after dizzying growth during the pandemic

  • Big 3 Public Cloud Providers Finishing 2020 Strong

  • Unlocking value: Four lessons in cloud sourcing and consumption

  • New report ranks Oracle as overall leader in enterprise cloud databases

  • Startups urged to go to the cloud

Customer stories:

  • Case study: Humana uses Azure and Kafka to make healthcare less frustrating for doctors and patients

  • How Mercari reduced request latency by 15% with Cloud Profiler

Security Related:

  • Maintaining Control of PII Hosted on AWS with Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) Security

  • Why cloud security is more important than ever

  • Handling data erasure requests in your data lake with Amazon S3 Find and Forget

  • Building your Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) strategy using cloud technologies

  • 5 Best Practices for Ensuring Secure Container Images

Cost Management:

  • TCO: How to Calculate Cloud Storage Costs

  • Taking Control of Confusing Cloud Costs

  • How to Get the Most From AWS Cost Management Tools

Training and Certifications:

  • All you need to know about Microsoft Exams

  • AZ-220 IoT Developer Certification Study Guide

  • How to get started learning Microsoft Azure and Cloud Computing


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